Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yellowrific Canola-y Goodness

Have you ever stopped to think about where canola oil comes from? Yeah, me neither. Allow me to show you...

It comes from beautiful fields like this one--->


It was so beautiful, I've never seen anything quite like it. Sydney had little interest in being near the flowers long enough for me to take pictures so Ty got roped into holding her long enough for me to snap a few.


When she did agree to stand by them, she refused to look at me. Little booger.


When we headed back to the car, Sydney suddenly wanted down. Because really, what could be more fun than playing on the road?!


Sydney's latest thing is to make a scrunchie faces.


IMG_8357 copy

I'm outta here!


Picking rocks, she comes by it naturally.


IMG_8398 copy

Coping some 'tude...practicing for when she's 13.


Short bus Sydney


More scrunchie face goodness. I know is out of focus but I just don't care. She's still holding that prized rock!


I hope canola crops catch on around here, I'd love to make this a spring family tradition!


Donna Karis said...

Beautiful field. The way you've been describing Sydney, it makes me wonder if she hit the terrible twos early.

Donna Karis said...

I should have added, Beautiful Daughter! But that's a given.

Sheila said...

Great shots! I love the ones where her arms are folded.

mama biscuit said...

Yeah Donna, I did some reading and found that 15 months is a common time for temper tantrums and crying fits to kick in. It's a huge departure from her formally super easy going self.

Thank you, Shelia. Have you used your big new lens yet? Dying to see the results.

Karin said...

It looks like wild mustard flowers to me. If that is indeed what it is they are all over the place here, especially in No CA near Q and My home town. I love love love the wild mustard fields and especially when they are all around grape vines.

Yes E didn't much care for the wild flowers when we took him at her age but we still forced a photo shoot onto him. Sometimes you just have too.

mama biscuit said...

It does look like wild mustard, but it is canola. There was an article in the newspaper about this farmer and his 500 acres of canola. We have lots of wild mustard here also and I love it.

Donna Karis said...

Kelly's tantrums started early. Although it's difficult for mom, I really believe it shows traits that will do the child well all through life.

Debbie said...

Cute pix, as always. I'm glad Syd was able to take a break from fussing to cheese a bit :-)

Kelly said...

LOVE all those pics!

limpy99 said...

Holy shit, that's a lot of canola! Also your kid is cute.