Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Needs Tizzie?

When Syd turned one I decided it was time to break the bad habit we had of rocking her to sleep before putting her to bed. I never intended for that habit to go on so long in the first place but you know the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". It's hard to convince yourself to shake up the bedtime routine when your kid's been sleeping through the night since her 4th month.

So back in January I set about the task of researching how to break this habit of ours. I felt we might all 3 need an intervention and possibly some xanex for Ty. I was considering making some woman named Tizzie Hall $30 richer because she's the international baby whisperer extraordinaire whose book had all the answers. Turns out I didn't have to contribute to Tizzie's retirement fund after all because Syd broke the habit herself.

It was the strangest thing. One night, no matter how much I rocked her, she just would not fall into a deep sleep. I figured it was due to the change in routine because daddy usually does bedtime but he was not home that night. Out of frustration I kissed her, put her in her bed and walked out of her room. I fully expected blood curdling screams to ensue but I'll be damned if she didn't just lay down and go to sleep. Pffft, total fluke, right? Wrong. I tried it the next night and it worked again. Then I started trying it during the day at nap time and voila, habit broken.

So the way I see it, I owe Syd $30.


Allyson said...

Way to go Syd! I'll make sure to remind her that you owe her cash when she's about to turn 15 and wants to go shopping with hr friends...and not you.

eclectic said...

Atta girl, Sydney! Pay up, Mom... college is just around the corner. ;)

Grayson wouldn't suffer to be rocked to sleep even from his first day. My mother tried, and tried, and tried... finally my husband took Gray out of her arms and placed him in his bassinet where he finally fell (gratefully) to sleep. It broke Grammy's heart, but he's just always been that way.

Karin said...

It is funny how this works, there are several times we have decided we are going to break some habit and we worry and stress about how we are going to do it. Then they show us that they are quite ready to be rid of the habit it was us clinging to it. Just last week we rid ourselves of the binky and Elijah didn't even care.

mama biscuit said...

I think you're right, Karen. Ty is having a hard time with Sydney's new found independence. He still rocks her for a while just for the cuddle time but she's awake when he puts her down. I kind of enjoy the new routine, rather than being quiet during her bottle I talk to her and sing songs. I also love being able to talk to her as I tuck her in.

Next comes getting rid of the bed time bottle.

I can't believe how quickly your due date is coming up. I hope you're feeling well and enjoying your last weeks alone with E.